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Disposable Coffee Cups (TRVLR) - Catering Disposables Food Packaging

Disposable Coffee Cups (TRVLR) - Catering Disposables & Supplies

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Disposable Coffee Cups - These are the standard Double Walled coffee cups, that we sell at Carabay Packaging Products.

They are a strong durable disposable coffee cup due to there double wall, this also provides good heat retention. We also stock these cups wholesale to a variety of clients, mainly cafés. While they are called "Disposable Coffee Cups" they can be used for a variety of liquids: tea, hot chocolate, milkshakes, etc. Many of the restaurants and cafés we stock to often opt to get our triple ripple cups as opposed to these disposable coffee cups as the offer an increased heat retention vs the standard cups, and they simply look nicer. Especially when they go for the branded coffee cups, we offer custom branding options on virtually all of our disposable products, if this is something that would be of interest to you or you wish to buy wholesale from us contact us here.

We stock a wide variety of catering disposables here at Carabay Packaging Products but our disposable coffee cups in the various grades that we provide (Triple Ripple, Economy, Standard) are definitely our best sellers. These cups are extremely useful for company's looking to stock staff canteens or simply the regular consumer looking to keep a stock of disposable coffee cups in their home. They're also ideal for events such as networking events or meet and greets. Why choose disposable coffee cups over non disposable coffee cups? The answer is simply, these coffee cups are quick and easy to use, don't require washing saving you time and if applicable staff costs, they can be purchased with great lids to prevent spillage. Not to mention they are 100% recyclable, so don't forget to dispose of them properly!

A growing trend of the the people buying this product are school teachers and artists looking to use the cups for art projects!

*Lids sold separately, Click here to purchase 

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