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Extra Large Cardboard Boxes - Moving Boxes - Various Sizes

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  • €3.97

  • All Cardboard box measurements are Length x Width x Height

All our Extra Large Cardboard Boxes are Double Walled (D/W) making them ideal for packing, shipping and storage.

Find your picture-perfect huge Cardboard case, online.
Our big Moving Boxes are ideal for storing, shipment of goods and tidying away big items.
The extra-large Moving Boxes are great for storing and shipping light weight or bulky items.
These Moving Boxes are 100% recyclable for the environmentally responsible individual’s piece of mind, an eco-friendly moving and storing option.
All our extra-large Moving Boxes meet standard shipment conditions.
Instead of giving you every option of extra-large Moving Boxes which we stock like other websites, we have given you the most common range of extra-large boxes which are our in-store customer’s favourites.

Ideal for medium to large sized items, Fabrics, Footwear, Clothes, Bed clothes, Curtains.
We stock a wide variety of extra-large Moving Boxes.
If you would like another size Cardboard case that is not available to buy on the site, please feel free to contact us to see if we can source the perfect product for your needs.

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*All carton measurements are Length x Width x Height

Entertaining Facts:

Cardboard and other paper materials can have a life as a cheap material for the foundation of a range of projects, among them being children's toys, science experiments, insulative lining, or costumes.
One example of this is Calvin of the Calvin and Hobbes comic book, who used a cardboard box for to create everything from a "transmogrifier" to a time machine. Some children enjoy making up games inside boxes. A common idea is that, if given an expensive new toy, a child will quickly become tired of the toy and play with the box instead. Although this is usually said sarcastically, children certainly enjoy playing with boxes, using their minds to imagine the box as an infinite variety of objects.

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