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Foam Board: PU Foam - Grey - 590mm x 760mm x 50mm (High Density)

Foam Board: Grey PU Foam (Low Density) - Bubble Wrap Alternative

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Foam Board: PU Grey 590 x 760 x 50mm

This is our stock polyurethane foam. The size that is most popular with our in-store customers. If you require a different size foam board we can arrange that as they are manufactured and cut in-house. However minimum order quantities do apply and generally we only sell wholesale quantities in specific sizes of foam board. However, if you require a smaller size foam then this particular size, it is quite easy to cut the foam yourself at home using a Self Retracting Cutter (PSC-AUTO-METAL-ECH) or scissors.

This low density foam is ideal for protecting delicate products or items. Can be used in combination with bubble wrap or loose fill or simply on its own. A lot of our consumers choose to go with the foam board over the other two options as it looks neater then the bubble wrap or loose fill in the product packaging. It’s particularly popular with our clients in the medical device sector.

This particular foam is 590mm wide or 59cm. 760mm High or 76cm and 50mm or 5cm thick. The 50mm thickness in particular is more than adequate for protecting items such as TV’s, radios, speakers, etc. A lot of artists have also come into the store and used this to protect their artwork. Of course we always recommend using our parcel packing service when it comes to protecting valuable items, particularly if the item you’re trying to protect is going to be shipped. (We can also arrange the shipping for you in store if you avail of our parcel packing service – all at an incredible low cost) Carabay packaging products only stock the highest quality packaging products. This foam board, also known as PU foam or Grey foam falls into the category as a high quality product!

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