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Meal Prep Containers (250/365) - Microwavable Food Packaging Containers

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24 oz -Grey

36oz - Black

These Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers are ideal for the health and fitness fanatic looking to take up the latest trend of “meal prep”. Meal prep or meal preparation has recently become very popular especially with the rising popularity of Instagram and Instagram personalities. Insta fame is now a thing. If you want a piece of the slice these Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers are the ideal solution for you. They have a sleek elegant design that makes them perfect for those Instagram pics!

* Please be aware that lids are not included with this product, please click here to purchase the relevant lid.*

A variety of our consumers are also takeaway or restaurant businesses. These Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers are microwaveable so they’re the ideal solution for your consumers to take home or for the delivery of your food product. The retain heat much better than a cardboard solution. (I know because while I don’t take part in meal prep, I order a lot of takeaways, and I never have to reheat them when they arrive - although if I have left overs the resealable lids keep the food fresh and because they’re microwaveable containers there’s no issues reheating the food again!) These Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers range are made of polypropylene and come with an ingenious Fog Gard coating on the lids to prevent them from steaming up.  Perfect for those microwave dinner days.

When trying to source the perfect Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers there's a number of things to consider:

  • Are they reusable?
  • Are they recyclable?
  • Do the keep the food warm/retain heat to high degree?
  • Do they look nice if I take pictures of my meals?
  • Can I bring them to work with me and reheat them?
  • Are the resealable?
  • Are they microwaveable?

These Microwaveable Meal Prep Containers/Food Containers check all the boxes, so what are you waiting for?! Buy yours now!

365 pieces per case

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