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Crossweave Tape - Weaved Glass Filament Tape

Crossweave Tape - Weaved Glass Filament Tape

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Crossweave Tape is one of the strongest tapes we have available. This type of type is very cost effective due to the fact its reinforced with crossweave fibers. The reinforced glass fibers are what gives crossweave tape its extra incredible strength when sealing or bundling. Its also waterproof. So its suitable for outdoor and indoor use. High strength and high tack strapping tape with strong tear resistance. Ideal for heavy pallet loads that require heavy duty and high security sealing. Can be used for odd shaped materials and for shipping cartons. It comes on 50 meter rolls in a variety of widths:

  • 25mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm

Crossweave tape has fibers running in two opposing directions, providing additional strength across the length and width of the tape. Crossweave tape is very strong and difficult to stretch. It's often used for sealing heavy duty pallet boxes as well as bundling items together to prevent them from moving during transit. Crossweave tape is also highly resistant to tearing. A great alternative to polypropylene strapping if you're looking for something more cost effective. Adheres to a variety of surfaces including cardboard and paper, filament tapes such as these provide a long lasting grip.


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