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Shrink Wrap - Pallet Wrap - Stretch Wrap - Variety of Sizes and Strengths

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Pallet Wrap is frequently used as an overwrap on many types of packaging, including cartons, boxes, beverage cans and pallet loads. It can be the main covering for some foods such as cheese, meats, vegetables and plants. A diverse range of products may be enclosed in Pallet Wrap to protect the products, secure them, keep them clean or add tamper resistance.

Pallet Wrap can be used to wrap structures. Shrink wrap can be used for environmental containments to facilitate safe removal of asbestos, lead and other dangerous materials. It can wrap roofs after storms, quakes, tornadoes and other disasters. Software, CDs and DVDs are often sold in containers that are packaged in shrink wrap. Stretch Wrap is sometimes used to wrap up books, comics and manga. Shrink bands are applied over parts of packaging as tamper resistance or labels. It can also combine several packages or parts.

Shrink wrap is also commonly used within more business applications using a heavier weight shrink film. The processes remain the same with heat shrinking using a hand held heat gun. The following shrink wrap applications are becoming more widely used and accepted:

  • Industrial shrink wrap containment of large plant equipment/components,
  • Scaffold wrap containment of buildings/bridges,
  • Building temporary shrink wrap structures for storage or other business operational uses,
  • Marine shrink wrapping of boats and other vehicles,
  • Shrink wrapping of palletized freight
  • Disaster contingency and relief projects such as damaged buildings/roofs.

Most Popular Pallet Wrap Products

  • 17mu x 400mm clear.
  • 25mu x 500mm black.

Pre-stretched wrap is a radical new film for pallet wrapping.

The technical features this new film delivers are the reason it is quickly becoming one of the most popular films on the market.

Pre-stretched wrap is available in hand application format or for use on standard Pallet Wrapping Machinery.

Some advantages of using pallet wrap:

  • Increased puncture opposition.
  • More pallets wrapped per kilo of film.
  • Functions well in dangerous temperatures.
  • Better load steadiness.
  • Less film used to wrap each pallet means less waste for burning
  • High clarity - excellent load identification.
  • Reduced cost per pallet wrapped means more savings for your operation.
  • With no need to stretch the film during the pallet wrapping process, there is reduced operator back strain and fatigue.
  • With built-in 300% stretch, this product allows ideal film usage.

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