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Grip Seal Bags - Large (9 inch+) - Food Grade Ziplock Bags

Grip Seal Bags - Large (9 inch+) - Food Grade Ziplock Bags

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Grip seal bags air tight fastening enables the bags to click shut and pull open, again and again. Grip seal bags are also know as ziplock bags. Our grip seal polythene bags are of food grade quality and can be used for both food and non food items. Self Seal, Grip seal or zip lock bags are ideal for securing contents and preventing leakage. Can be used as sandwich bags, snack bags, reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags! Carabay provide a wide range of grip seal bags in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The grip seal bags can come with a write on panel on each bag making labelling the contents much easier. We also provide heavy duty 350g, coloured, and anti static ziplock bags.

Clear bags are an office essential, whether you work in the legal, educational or financial sector. They are a good choice for storing groups of small items such as paper clips, staples and pins away neatly without sacrificing visibility of the contents inside.

We have selected a range of quality clear bags for your workspace, helping you to maximise storage space and keep your working environment neat and tidy. We offer traditional clear polythene bags in a wide variety of sizes, from smaller options for storing stationery and odds and ends to larger and more heavy duty bags.

Grip seal bags are an ideal way of securing items inside bags safely, preventing spills and lost items. Grip seal bags are available with white on strips for easy visibility and identification of contents. For those who prefer reusable bags, ziplock variations are a good choice, allowing users to seal and open bags numerous times. Ziplock bags are a good choice for storing stationery, small office accessories and toiletries, and can be cleaned and reused many times. We also offer zip pocket travellers bags, a good choice for carrying papers, maps and important documents such as passports.

Our range of high quality clear bags and reusable bags make it easy to organise your small everyday items for a neat and tidy working environment.

Our grip seal bags come in standard sizes but if you can't find what your looking for, feel free to call us on 091 773370.

Available in packs of 100 or 1000 !

Large (9 inch+) Grip seal Bags come in a variety of sizes, as per below:

9 x 12.75" 200g

9 x 14" 350g

10 x 14" 200g

11 x 16" 200g

12 x 16" 350g

12.75 x 12.75" 200g

13 x 18" 200g

15 x 20" 200g

18 x 24" 200g

We also stock Small and Medium sized Grip seal bags.

If you can't find what your looking for, feel free to call us on 091 773370 !

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