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Window Film - Protective Film for Glass - Blue Window Film

Window Film | Protective Blue Film for Glass | 500mm X 100mtrs

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  • €45.55

A Blue Protective Window film for glass, protects from dirt, dust, paint, etc.

Roll Dimensions: H 500mm X L 100mtrs

  • Strong Plastic Window film
  • Sticky on one side
  • For shielding and covering large surface areas
  • Perfect for windows and floors
  • Facades but still provides light permeation
  • Easily removed after application
  • Indoor and Outdoor use

Window film has a variety of benefits:

  • Does not change the look of the glass
  • Helps lower energy bills by reducing the load placed on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Dims out too bright lights, while at the same time allowing natural sunlight to enter
  • Solar Non Reflective Window Film
  • Save Energy
  • Reduces Glare and controls Fade
  • Improves Privacy - Gives maximum privacy for residents without changing views or look of window
  • Prevents heat build-up and reduces radiation
  • We offer Blue Window Film, a strong brand film which protects for up to a year with  a 35mu blue Plastic film which is rated for 90 days clean removability. While it’s traditionally used to protect windows during indoor and outdoor work, it has numerous other applications. Blue protective window film is a UV resistant, adhesive backed protector of many kinds of surfaces. Offers protection against bothersome glare, uncomfortable heat, hotspots and uneven temperature fluctuations.

You will find window masking film very useful when performing tasks related to:

  • Painting
  • Stucco
  • Sanding
  • Spraying
  • Mortar
  • Concrete
  • Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)

When cleaning and preparing your surface, try to avoid products that contain ammonia as that could affect the longevity of the adhesive. Whenever you need to avoid damage from over spray, dirt, and other contaminants while maintaining UV resistance on a variety of surfaces, Plastic surface protection film will assist. After measuring the window that needs to be protected, add an inch to your calculations on each side to allow room for cutting and error. 

With built in UV resistance, it will remove cleanly from glass without leaving residue.
Blue Window Film sticks very well to glass surfaces and removes cleanly without any residue or scuffing. Also, use a lint free cloth or paper towel when removing dust and debris prior to installation. A card is also recommended to remove air bubbles after initial contact.
Protect chrome, large table tops, metal, glass, and other polished objects from being scratched during delivery or by long distance courier. Our Sellotape adds additional adhesive insurance and can provide a straight-edge around window frames. For more tips or other help, please contact us here.

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