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Silica Gel - Powerful Industrial Strength Desiccant Bags (Qty:1000)

Silica Gel - Powerful Industrial Strength Desiccant Bags (Qty:1000)

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Silica gel or desiccant bags are perfect for ensuring your products are safe from moisture when in transit, or for prolonging a products shelf life while in storage. It's always essential to include some form of moisture retainer when shipping goods. Some products such as phones, computers, other electronics and metal products like wires which are prone to rust must have some form of moisture retainer contained in their packaging to ensure they remain unusable when your customer purchase them or an order arrives, this is especially true if an item has long shipping duration of 3 days or longer as the risk of over exposure to moisture increases after this point, after over exposure to moisture many modern electronics simply break and cannot be repaired such as fragile slimline smart phones which are barely water resistant. Goods such as food or food supplements will spoil quicker if exposed to excess damp or wet. If you are shipping clothes and are worried they may exposed to moisture at any point during transit having one or two silica gel packets in your product's packaging will ensure your designer jacket will arrive as fresh and clean on your customers doorstep as the day you shipped it.

Silica gel bags absorb and retain liquids and are so powerful the strip moisture directly from the air. For this reason your silica gel packets will begin to work once you have opened the box they are supplied in by us, we always recommend proper storage of our products but to ensure the high quality of our silica gel packets we ask that you always reseal the box the silica gel is being stored in when not in use, ideally keep the container extremely airtight and keep in a cool dry place. Avoiding direct sunlight is not necessary however and would actually be a good location to keep your silica gel. If your silica gel does accidentally get over exposed to moisture there are many methods to restore your silica gel to its original high standard:

  • You can find methods to restore used silica gel with a quick google search and it can be done easily with an industrial oven or microwave.
  • A home oven or microwave can also be used but may not be as effective.
  • It's very important to also re-sterilize the desiccant bags if using the above methods to restore your silica gel packs original moisture absorbing properties as their is a chance the silica gel may have also absorbed environmental or food toxins depending on what caused it to be over exposed to moisture to begin with or where it was stored (For example if a silica gel packet was used to prevent excess moisture in a fish freezer its not safe to then reuse those packets as they may contain harmful bacteria) in general, it is highly recommended not to reuse silica gel packets if they are being used for food preservation.

Silica gel works by removing excess moisture from the air and drying out and keeping dry the inside of whatever shipping box, bag, or plastic container it is used in. Therefore it highly reduces mold's ability to grow, as most fungi and mold spores require a damp environment to spread and thrive. This same means, by which silica gel works, also increases the longevity and shelf-life of properly stored food products which could potentially spoil, which is especially likely with international shipping or during long shipping times. Keeping food and food supplements dry with silica gel packets helps extend their shelf-life and overall reduce the probability of potential spoilage and environmental exposure while a product is in storage or transit.

Electronic Use

When packaging electronic equipment it is crucial to reduce condensation which may affect electronic pieces and lead to rusting and other types of water damage.

Food Use

You have mostly likely found silica gel pouches in anything that could potentially be affected by excess moisture, and for good reason, silica gel does an excellent job at preventing food or food supplement spoilage, perfect for products which have a long storage or transit time before being sold/consumed.

Silica gel contains the same material which is found in quartz therefor it is practicly harmless even when directly ingested (although we highly recommend against this, if you or a loved one HAS accidentally ingested silica gel and you are looking for advice we highly recommend contacting a poison control center/service or your local Doctor/Emergency Room for more information. If a lot of silica gel was ingested it could potentially be dangerous, although you more than likely have nothing to worry about other then a higher then normal salt level/excess salt intake and/or dehydration. Still it is better to be safe then sorry). The silica gel is highly porous and is in effect - an incredibly porous, artificially created sand , this is what makes it great at absorbing moisture.

Household Use

Silica gel aka Desiccant bags, are great for preventing and removing dampness and musty smells from your home. They also do a terrific job at preventing and reducing the ability of mold/black mold from forming in your home, due to its unique and powerful humidity controlling properties.

Leave a few Silica gel packets in clothes drawers, wardrobes, and even inside old shoes to keep your home smelling fresh. Silica gel can prevent black mold from forming in poorly ventilated city apartments or old homes by keeping humidity to a minimum. But if using silica gel for this reason it will need to be restored/replaced regularly. Its very effective at preventing new runners/trainers from getting smelly if you are an active person and can even extend your new kicks lifespan. You can do this by leaving one or two silica gel packets in each shoe when they are not in use and almost immediately the silica packs will begin absorbing excess moisture from the shoe's material. This hack is especially effective with kids cloth runners that have been exposed to our wonderful wet Irish weather. Use this life hack and never suffer from soggy smelly sneakers again, old used up trainers getting thrown out will be a thing of the past, keep your Kanye West's looking their Kanye best!

Silica gel is a grainy, glassy, absorbent form of silicon dioxide artificially engineered from natural sodium salt. Most functions of silica gel require it to be dehydrated before it can be used effectively, but our silica gel is pre-dehydrated & ready to go straight out the box for most industrial and home uses, we always guarantee our products are made to the highest quality standards and regulations. Silica Gel packets are also commonly named "Desiccant Bags". In business settings, desiccants are mainly incorporated to reduce the level of H2O(Water) by non-reactive or innert means in chemicals and gases. Silica gel serves as a desiccant for many different purposes and uses such as: to control moisture levels, to avoid damaging or deprivation of important items, etc...

If their is a particular reason that you require silica gel and you are unsure if our product will meet your specific need that is not mentioned above, feel free to contact us through any method listed here.

All our desiccant bags are extremely high quality, all stock sizes are available through our website if you require a different size or wish to order in bulk contact us through the same link underlined just above.

Silica gel in its most common form is usually seen  in everyday uses as beads in smaller packet sizes then those we stock above, that have been sealed in a tiny paper packet. These smaller packets are much less effective at protecting products from water damage and spoilage than the larger industrial strength silica gel we provide. What many people don’t know is that Silica is actually a naturally occurring substance as well, but in the natural sodium salt form it is also not as powerful as the industrial strength variety, which can be also decontaminated, reused, and treated way easier, to make it into more potent grainy or bead like structure. Silica gel packs or desiccant bags are often used in food packaging and particularly health food stores to retain product freshness when time taken to journey from shop to shelf is often longer then some artificially preserved foods such as sweets.

A desiccant is the opposite of a humectant a substance which causes moisture or humidity, a desiccant is also known as a hygroscopic material that causes or holds up a state of dryness (desiccation) in its immediate surroundings. For ease of description, silica gel is often used interchangeably with the word desiccant bags. All our desiccant bags are strong and durable; they are more solid than other common household gels you more than likely heard of such like agar or gelatin (Jello).

If you’re a regular customer of ours and are just curious about how well they work/don’t require these for use in industry, you may put off by buying such a large quantity, but I guarantee you once you've filled your home with these packets and maybe even notice an improvement to health of you and your family, you won't regret your purchase one bit!

Be aware that desiccant bags are one of our products which cannot be returned or replaced once opened/used unless you have been provided a faulty product, we cannot risk reselling a desiccant such as this product that has been exposed to the air. The only reason for this is our long standing wish to ensure the highest quality possible of all our products.

In summary desiccant bags have a variety of purposes such as:

  • Keeping clothing in wardrobes and drawers dry
  • Reducing humidity in rooms that would be prone to black mold
  • Drying out soggy or old shoes/clothes
  • Protecting electronic or food goods from water damage and moisture the list goes on
  • If you have found any new, innovative uses for your silica gel packets, we'd love to hear about it, let us know in the comments/reviews section below and we might feature your idea on our website!

Desiccants for special uses can be in structures other than compact, and work through different techniques, such as chemically bonding water molecules. We have a variety of different sized desiccant bag available in store or online!

Usually found prepacked desiccants like the ones we stock are bead like structures that absorb water. All our desiccant bags come in boxes of up to 1000, so they are ideal for industrial or home use. All our silica gel packets/boxes have clear instructions for use, storage, and safe handling supplied with/on them.

Just again we'd like to reitterate our earlier warning, store in a safe space where there is minimal risk of someone ingesting the packets contents under no circumstances should it be ingested. DO NOT eat silica gel it is not the same as normal table salt despite being made from it. It is much stronger and may make you feel ill.

If you can't find what your looking for, or need a quote for a bulk order contact us here.


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