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Packaging Tape - Brown Plastic, Pressure Sensitive, Adhesive Tape

Packaging Tape - Brown Plastic, Pressure Sensitive, Adhesive Tape

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This Packaging Tape is:

  • 48mm x 68 Meters
  • Plastic, pressure sensitive, adhesive tape. 
  • Made to be quiet when in use.
  • Polypropylene plastic tape 
  • Natural rubber and resins used (safer)
  • Easy to use on bumpy/rough surfaces and items
  • Long lasting adhesion
  • Suitable for a wide range of purposes

*Store tape upright in a dry warm area. 

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The tape can be applied by hand with a stationary dispenser but is usually applied with a hand-held tape dispenser: this allows the user to more effectively place the tape on the box or whatever they happen to be taping, cut it off, and smooth it out. Other colours and printing are available if branded packaging tape is of interest to you.
Printed Packaging Tapes - they have many different uses.
Tape is used when extra box reinforcement is needed. This tape has also been used by creative types as a way to design moulds of objects, as the strength of the tape provides for a tough outer shell for the mould when finished. Commonly, the tape is 48mm wide but it can also come in other sizes such as 72mm widths. Tape is in general used as a closure for regular cardboard boxes.
Don’t forget, printed tape could pay for itself by saving the loss of one package, or the gaining of a new customer due to the branding on your tape!

Packaging Tape - Buy Clear, Brown, Coloured, Printed, Floor Marking, & Packaging Tape from our wide range. A variety of strengths and dispensers as well as adhesive formulations are also available.
Tape is made of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material usually plastic or in the case of masking tape – paper, which is oriented to have strength in both the length direction and the width direction.
There are several ways to seal boxes to help keep contaminants out or keep boxes secure. The tape can be used as a "six-strip" seal or "H-seal" by applying lengthways pieces of tape on the ends of the box.  

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Our Printed Tapes are often transparent, brown or white, with coloured options also available.
They can be used as a security seal, as a means of product identification, as a form of advertising, and to give a product a quality appearance.

Mechanized equipment for the applying of machine tape at incredible speeds is also rather commonplace these days.

Box-sealing tape, parcel tape or packaging tape is a weight-delicate tape used for securing cardboard boxes.

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