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Pallet Strapping - Black 12mm & 16mm Plastic Banding - 2000mtrs

Pallet Strapping - Black 12mm & 16mm Plastic Banding

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  • €43.10

  • 12mm Pallet Strapping/Plastic Banding
  • 12mm x 0.86mm x 1000m x 300kg approx breaking strain
  • Ideal for medium to heavy bundling & palletising
  • 16mm Pallet Strapping/Plastic Banding
  • 16mm x 0.86mm x 800m x 300kgs approx breaking strain.
  • Ideal for heavy bundling & Palletising
  • Plastic Core

Manufactured using the highest-quality raw materials our strapping products are developed & optimized for use on all commercially available strapping machines.
Boxes are easier to lift, too Carabay Packaging Products provide professional packaging supplies to buy in our store including parcel strapping, banding roll tensioners and crimping tools along with quality 12mm metal banding seals to give your business packaging a professional and secure look.
Different products call for different strapping solutions! Carabay Packaging supply an extensive range of strapping solutions specific to each industry and application.
Hand held Pallet Strapping is perfect for securing Pallets, products, magazines/newspapers and packages neatly and tightly, or even securing individual cardboard boxes that may need to be safe while being shipped.
Plastic Pallet Strapping provides top knotch functionality and durability.
Carabay offer a comprehensive range of hand tools for use with all strapping grades and materials.
The heavy duty crimping tool is designed to operate in most commercial strapping applications and the 12mm strapping banding roll has a strong break strength of 300kg.
Our hand tools are designed to allow for easy strap release and greater holding power.
Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, if you can't find the product you’re looking for contact us here.
Securely binds parcels so they’ll travel more safely.
Contents won't spill out of box and cartons won’t burst open.
All our equipment is manufactured to high industry standards and we use these systems in our own distribution facilities based in Galway, Ireland, for packing out our products and supplies.
Plastic Pallet Strapping is the perfect option for most uses as it is light, flexible and does not rust or stain the strapped item(s) or packaging.
Binds boxes for easy transportation.
Hand held strapping is black, and supplied on plastic reels with an approximate breaking strain of 300 Kg.
Our seals range are manufactured to the highest standards offering the very best in seal performance, seal integrity and peace of mind.
Our mobile strapping dispensers are available for our polyester, polypropylene and steel strapping consumable products.
Perfect for securing pallets.
We offer a static range with lifting handle and mobile options with wheels for easier movement.
We offer seals and buckles for steel, polypropylene, polyester and composite strapping.
We can supply our packaging products nationwide.

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