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Anti Static Bubble Wrap Bags (500)

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags (500)

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Our bubble wrap bags are available in both plain and anti static, with or without a self seal adhesive strip. 
Bubble wrap bags are a convenient packing solution for small fragile products.

Sealed bubble wrap bags have a special air retention barrier to actually seal every bubble against air loss to enable bubble wrap to retain it's thickness and ensure effective long term cushioning performance.

Bubble wrap bags have easy and secure "peel and seal" closure strips. We always express the internal dimensions of our bubble wrap bags to enable you to accurately calculate whether your item(s) will fit.

Our range of Anti-Static bubble wrap bags do not produce electrostatic charges during handling and dissipate surface charges to prevent electrostatic damage to packaged components and devices.

Bubble wrap bags are great for use within our postal packaging range to help protect contents from damage. Take a look at our mailer bags and jiffy padded bags.

Bubble wrap bags are reusable and can be recycled with other polyethylene based materials.

If there is a specific size which you need your bubble wrap bags to be, please feel free to call our sales team on 091-773370 

500 Bubble wrap bags per pack

If you require Anti Static Bubble Wrap Bags or wish to order any of our products in bulk contact us here.

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