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Barrier Tape - 20mu LDPE - Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - 72mm X 500mtrs

Barrier Tape - 20mu LDPE - Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - 72mm X 500mtrs

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Barrier Tape - Buy Clear, Brown, Coloured, Printed, Floor Marking, & Packing Tape from our wide range. Get free fast delivery when you Spend Over €75.

This Barrier Tape is:

  • 20mu LDPE non adhesive tape, useful for sectioning off areas in any setting. 
  • Useful in warehouses, factories and large spaces that need clearly visible markings for personnel safety.
  • Width: 72mm
  • Length: 500 Meters
  • Colour: Red/White

A strong, durable non-adhesive PVC tape used for marking out of cordoning off areas.
The highly contrasting coloured stripes serve as a clear visual warning and also present a barrier to areas that require to be sectioned off.
Suitable for a wide range of uses in various trades and services that include, construction sites, factories, warehouses, emergency services and many other situations where safety of personnel is a priority.

*Store tape horizontally in a dry temperate environment. 

Printed Barrier Tape - they have many different uses. They can be used as a security seal, as a means of product identification, as a form of advertising, and to give a product a quality appearance.

Call us for a quotation for your printed tape needs. And remember, your printed tape could pay for itself by saving the loss of one package or the gain of a new customer due to the "branding" on your tape!

Box-sealing tape, parcel tape or packing tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for closing or sealing corrugated fiberboard boxes. It consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material which is usually a polypropylene or polyester film which is oriented to have strength in both the long (machine) direction and the cross direction.

Most often, the tape is 48 mm (approx 2 inches) wide but it is also used in 72 mm (approx 3-inch) widths.

A variety of backing strengths and calipers as well as adhesive formulations are available. It is often transparent or tan (beige, buff, brown). Other colors and printing are sometimes available.

The tape is most often used as a closure for regular slotted containers (RSCs). A "single strip" or "center seam" closure is applied over the center seams of a box extending 50–75 mm (2–3 inches) onto the end panels.

The tape can be used as a "six-strip" closure or "H-seal" by applying cross strips on the ends of the box. This is used when a relatively weak tape is used or when extra box reinforcement is needed. This method also seals the box to help keep contaminants out.

This tape has also been used by artists (E.g.Mark Jenkins) as a way to create molds of objects, as the strength of the tape allows for a strong shell for the mold when completed.

Barrier Tape

The tape can be applied manually with a stationary dispenser but is more often applied with a hand-held tape dispenser: this allows the user to more efficiently place the tape on the box, cut it off, and rub it down.

Automated machinery for application of tape to high-speed lines is also common.

Environmental considerations

Based on the solid waste hierarchy, the quantity and size of a Barrier Tape should be minimized without reducing necessary functionality. Material content of a Barrier Tape should comply with applicable regulations. Life cycle assessments of the Barrier Tape and the item being taped are useful to identify and improve possible environmental effects. For example, there may be instances where the use of a PSA tape, compared to an alternative solution, improves the overall environmental impact: or vice versa.

If a tape remains on corrugated box during recycling, a tape should be chosen which does not hinder box recyclability. For example, when taped corrugated boxes are recycled, film backed box sealing tapes do not hinder box recycling: the PSA adhesive stays with the backing and is easily removed.

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