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Paper Towels - Blue Hand Towels - Catering Disposables (QTY 6)

Paper Towels - Blue Hand Towels - Catering Disposables

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Our Paper Towels - Blue Hand Towels - Paper Hand Towels also known as Blue Centrefeed roll has 2ply recycled, embossed paper and is ideal for cleaning up spills and drying hands. Paper can be taken from the outside of the roll or used through any suitable center feed dispenser.

  • 6 rolls per tray
  • 2 Ply
  • Ideal for cleaning up spills
  • Rolled all-purpose paper towel for general-purpose cleaning and wiping
  • 2-ply paper absorbs liquids better than 1-ply paper

A paper towel (or kitchen paper) is an absorbent towel made from tissue paper instead of cloth. Unlike cloth towels, paper towels are disposable and intended to be used only once. A Paper towel can soak up water because they are loosely woven which enables water to travel between the fibers, even against gravity (capillary effect). Paper towel can be individually packed (as stacks of folded towels or held coiled) or come in rolls - like ours. Paper towels have similar purposes to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting, and cleaning up spills.

Paper towels are a global product with rising production and consumption. Being second in tissue consumption only to toilet paper (36% vs. 45% in the U.S.), the proliferation of the mostly non-recyclable paper towels has the same globally adverse effects on the environment as indicated in the tissue article. Better alternatives environmentally speaking are still conventional towels or - for hand drying - hand dryers. Though paper towels are more efficient, after only ten seconds, paper towels achieve 90% dryness. Hot air dryers, on the other hand, take 40 seconds to achieve a similar dryness. So if you're all about efficiency these are the paper towels for you!


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