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Cheap Paper Bags - Tree Saver Brown & White Paper Bags (Qty:250)

Tree Saver | Carrier Bags - Brown (Qty:250)

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Our Tree Saver flat handle carriers are the ideal mix of style and value for the image conscious retailer with an eye on their budget. Made from 80 gsm paper with reinforced flat paper handles, these strong carriers will accommodate a myriad of items. Most commonly utilised in gift stores, boutiques, clothing outlets and other retail stores for small items. The flat block bottom is also suited for boxes and other containers, the bags hold up to 2-5 kilos in weight depending on the size.

They are also 100% organic, safe and BPA free, and contain no harmful or toxic materials. You can employ them as disposable carry bags, lunch bags, as storage and organization aids, or even as shopping and grocery bags. They are Lightweight but strong, with high ductile strength and thousands of functions.

 Custom Branding Available (min. order quantities)  

    If you wish to get these bags or any other bags on our website with a custom printed design email or Call Us on 091-773370 for a free No Obligation Quotation. Or alternatively get in touch here.



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