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Bin Bag - Coloured Bin Bag - Coloured Refuse Sacks - Heavy Duty

Bin Bag - Coloured Bin Bag - Coloured Refuse Sacks - Heavy Duty

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  • €9.00

Coloured Rubbish bag - useful for various household, office and heavy duty uses.

Many customers use these bags to segregate their waste easily in office settings. 

These bags can be a helpful tool to achieve a better green rating in your company.

We provide a wide range of Rubbish bag. These are our Coloured Rubbish bags also known as Refuse Sacks.

This Rubbish bag is Suitable for Heavy Duty use meaning the rubbish bag won't fall apart when your taking out your trash!

Have a look at our Rubbish bag Gauge Guide below for more info regarding the strength of our rubbish bags.

Wound without a core and perforated for easy tear off

  • 25 bags per roll

While you may find cheaper rubbish bags in retail shops and supermarket chains. They're bags are often made from cheap weak materials, that fall apart the minute you use them.

Carabay Packaging sell wholesale, and recently we've opened up a showroom to the public, so you won't find a better deal on strong heavy duty rubbish bags anywhere else!

  • Perfect for heavy commercial or private use
  • Each roll consists of 25 bags 

If you wish to buy our coloured rubbish bag in bulk, please contact

Rubbish bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage, and are widely used. Rubbish bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for wet rubbish, as is commonly the case with food items, and are also handy for wrapping up waste to minimize smell. Invented in 1950, by Canadians Frank Plomp, Harry Wasylyk, and Larry Hansen. In a special on CBC television, the bin bag ranked high amongst the top Canadian inventions. Well of course it did, you’d wonder how people survived without them prior to 1950!

Rubbish bags are often used for lining litter or waste containers or bins. This serves to keep the container sanitary by avoiding container contact with the garbage. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.

Gauge Guide  


Very light weight, economy black bin liner typically sold in discount stores.


Standard bin liner.


General purpose, quality black bin liner for domestic kitchen waste.


Heavy duty black bin liner - suitable for commercial kitchen waste.


Heavy duty garden waste bag.


Tough rubble sack - suitable for up to 40kg load


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