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brown Greaseproof Paper Bag (1000) - Food Packaging - Catering Disposables

Grease Proof Paper Bags - Brown (Qty: 1000) - Takeaway Bags

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Our grease proof paper bags are perfect for anyone in the food industry,

We only stock one size in the brown:

  • Brown Grease Proof Paper Bags:7 x 9" lined

But we also have white grease proof bags:

  • White Grease Proof Paper Bags:7 x 7" unlined
  • White Grease Proof Paper Bags:10 x 10" unlined

All bags come in quantity's of 1000.

We carry a variety of sizes and types to suit each customers needs.

Instead of giving you every option of Grease Proof Paper Bag which we stock like other sites, we have provided you with the range of Grease Proof Paper Bags which are the most popular with our in-store customers.

If you can't see the size or type of bag you are looking for here, please call 091-773370 to talk to one of our sales team to see what we can do for you.

These bags a very popular with our customers in the food sector, especially takeaway style restaurants. Ideal for oily food or food with a high fat content.

How Grease Proof Paper Bags are made:

Grease Proof paper is paper that is impermeable to oil or grease and is normally used in cooking or food packaging. Normally grease proof paper is produced by refining the paper stock and thus create a sheet with very low porosity. This sheet is supercalendered to further improve the density, creating a paper called glassine. The glassine is treated with starches, alginates or CMC in a size press to fill pores or treat the paper chemically to make it fat repellent.

Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water and grease resistant. It is usually available in densities between 50–90 g/m2. It is translucent unless dyes are added to color it or make it opaque. It is manufactured by supercalendering: after pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of alternating steel and fiber-covered rolls called a supercalender at the end of the paper machine such that the paper fibers flatten facing in the same direction.

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