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Packing Peanuts - Loose Polystyrene Fill (15 Cubic Foot Bags)

Packing Peanuts - Loose Fill Foam Chips - Polystyrene Chips

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  • €39.90

Our Packing Peanuts/packaging chips provide added protection through their resilience, excellent blocking and bracing properties and high compressive strength. The 'S' shape design allows the chips to interlock and forms a protective pad around the product. Loose fill can also be integrated into existing packaging processes - improving ergonomics through our working comfort ethos.

Packing Peanuts/loose fill is sold in 15 cubic foot bags, price shown is per bag.

Many of our customers and clients, particularly industrial clients such as those in the medical device and manufacturing industry buy loose fill because of the wide range of applications it can have, protecting products during transit being the main purpose of loose fill/packing peanuts. When it comes to protecting products this is probably one of the best options, because the loose pellets can conform easily to any shape batter then say aero board, foam or bubble wrap. Although the alternatives are also good options depending on the product you’re packaging, if you need any advice on what would be the best protection for you, do not hesitate to contact us here. Another direction you could take if you really want to make sure your product/package is kept safe is buy a number of different protection products. Have the packaging peanuts outside of your item which has been wrapped in bubble wrap with another layer of foam around the loose fill, inside a double walled cardboard box with additional edge guards placed around the box and just for good measure some strapping around that to keep it secure and make lifting easier. If you spend over €85 euro online you get free express shipping so perhaps it would be worth your while to spend that little bit extra. There’s no replacing valuable or sentimental damaged goods!

But perhaps all you need is some packaging peanuts, if so then what are you waiting for! Buy yours now!

Or we also offer parcel packing and shipping services in store if all this work sounds like too much for you!

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