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Paper Shopping Bags - Black, Red, Blue & Green Colours - TopCraft Handles

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The Paper Bag is usually used for shopping bags, packaging, and sacks. These Paper bags are very popular with our retail customers.

Our Top Craft paper bags give your products a more organic look and are an eco-friendly and low cost choice for hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe. Paper bags are one of the most accepted forms of packaging and serve to package a variety products. Carabay Packaging Products produces paper bags in a vast range of sizes and styles.

We also custom print paper bags on request if you wish to raise more brand awareness. We utilize the latest knowledge and know-how, high quality machinery and our dedicated skilled staff’s expertise to create affordable, dependable and efficient paper packaging products for our customers. We can print any brand logo this is very helpful for our customers looking to create more brand awareness among their consumers. For that we make use of expertly trained staff and the highest quality equipment. These bags are the best choice for promotional packaging and consumers will be charmed into buying the products due to their beautiful packaging design. This hence provides retailers with an increase in the sale of products and the ability to enjoy an increase in profits!.

Paper bags are a great alternate choice to using plastic bags and plastic packaging; this allows you to very efficiently practice environmental friendliness and awareness. If you want a natural looking packaging appearance that stands out for your packaging then a paper bag is hands down the best for you. Plastic bags are just not very good for the environment, and more and more retailers are switching to the paper bag alternative. Paper packaging offers the exact same function as what your plastic packaging would, but paper bags are more accomodating and serve your environmentally conscious consumers much better.

Paper Bag with Handles - Paper Carrier Bags - Top Craft Bags come in a variety of colours and sizes.

  • Paper Bag/carrier bag with 5-times folded flat inner paper handles and reinforced bottom sheet.
  • Kraft paper 70-100 g/m², with extra strong carrying capacity.
  • Minimum quantity of 25/Pack are available in-store only.
  • Find directions to our showroom here

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