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Bags On Roll - Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic Carrier Bags - Plastic Bags On A Roll - Roll of Plastic Bags

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  • €5.90

Plastic Carrier Bags/Plastic Bags On A Roll/Roll of Plastic Bags are ideal for small or large retail shops. The roll design makes accessing the bags quick and easy. Bags are torn off from the roll like a breeze. They're also of decent strength and quality and come at a very reasonable price. For large retail stores, these types of bags are ideal for Fruit and Veg shop sections allowing customers to pack individual fruit/veg items at ease. Plastic Bags On A Roll are the perfect Fruit and Veg Bags.

Available in a variety of sizes:

  • 9" x 14" - Clear / Natural 
  • 12" x 15" - White
  • 12" x 18" - White

Mostly we sell these plastic bags to small retail stores across Ireland but they can have a wide variety of uses. They could also be used as small waste bin bags for a cheap life hack! Plastic bags can be bought by the roll or in wholesale box quantities, depending on which option would be the best for you.

Plastic Carrier Bags, while they may not be as environmentally friendly as a paper bag that can decompose, they are recyclable and also stronger than a paper bag and with modern trends everyone is recycling. Because they are made of plastic a more durable material than paper, these carrier bags can be reused, just be responsible when disposing of them! A paper bag is more prone to tear especially in Ireland where it rains every day of the year! These aren't an answer to the environmental issues that plastic bags caused in the past, but they are a low budget bag, a cheaper alternative to "bags for life" which are made from woven materials. If your shoppers are anything like me they constantly forget their bag for life and end up buying more regardless. Having to buy replacement woven bags on a regular basis can be expensive. This bags provide a more cost effective solution. Not to mention, we live in a more responsible aware society now, where recycling is wide spread, so these plastic bags are a guilt free purchase if you care about the environment!

If you wish to test the strength of these bags before you purchase as many of our customers do, you can call in store to our product showroom and check out the wide range of packaging products we have available! If you're not based in Galway give us a call, and we can arrange to send a sample out to you.

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