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Plastic Food Containers - Food Packaging - Catering Disposables

Plastic Food Containers - Catering Supplies - Catering Disposables

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  • €139.10

All our Plastic Food Containers/Pots/Tubs are manufactured from a food grade Polypropylene referred to as “PP” with the symbol “5 PP” at the bottom of the pack.

  • Low density
  • Good stiffness/impact balance
  • Chemical and thermal resistance
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Good moisture vapour barrier
  • Hot fill and retort capable
  • Microwavable
  • Freezer grades available
  • Tamper evident tabs

Plastic Food Container Uses

These plastic food containers are often seen being used to store penny sweets, my personal favourite that one of our customers use them for is those Blue Raspberry Bon Bon's! So Delicious! Other customers of ours also use these Plastic Food Containers as soup containers. They're a nice alternative to the white paper soup containers we offer as the clear containers allow customers to see the soup before they buy, giving your product a natural organic look.

Plastic Food Container Features

Firstly, these plastic food containers are also airtight making them one of the best food packaging products we offer. Products stored in airtight plastic food containers stay fresher for longer. Improving shelf life which hence improves sales!

Also, these plastic food containers also come with Tamper proof lids. This stops packaging from being damaged. It also protects products from any nefarious activity. Tamper Proof Lids make the product look safer as they keep it safer, this increased trust makes the consumer more likely to buy your products. It reduces the chances of your product being returned as the tamper proof container and clear design means there's no way a consumer could buy a product with out visibly seeing something wrong with it first!

Furthermore, these Carabay Plastic Food Containers are also Microwaveable and freezer safe. Therefore, no harm will come to them should you need to heat your product directly in a microwave. Or if you need to store your product for a period of time in a freezer.

Carabay Packaging Products are the best provider of Plastic Food Containers worldwide. Both in terms of Container Quality and Value for Money. What are you waiting for? buy yours now! If you have any questions get in touch here.

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