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Student Moving House Package - Moving Boxes and Supplies

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Moving house does not have to be as hard as you might think. We at Carabay have spent time putting together what we have found to be the optimum amount of moving boxes and supplies in one package, to suit your needs based on your living arrangements.

If you need more that what is in each package please feel free to add additional moving boxes or other products from our site to your basket.

  • Moving House Extras Included: Marker to allocate your boxes to rooms
  • All cardboard boxes in our Moving House Packages are delivered flat packed to your door.
  • Perfect for home/office removals

Package details

5 x Medium Double Walled Moving Boxes (406 x 356 x 406mm)

15 x Small Single Walled Moving Boxes (460 x 310 x 210mm)

10 Meters of 500mm wide Bubble Wrap

5 Heavy duty black refuse sacks (26 x 44", 200g)

1 x Brown Packaging tape

* Free Permanent Marker

Once you've acquired your Moving Boxes/Moving House Package the real fun begins.

  1. Set goals and deadlines to ensure that all packing is completed by moving day.
  2. Separate and mark any goods that will be going into storage.
  3. Consider a car boot sale to dispose of unwanted items or donate clothing or household goods to charitable organizations
  4. Begin to use up supplies of canned goods, frozen foods and other household items 4-6 weeks before moving day. Buy only what will be used before moving.
  5. Fill out a household inventory to help you determine the amount of declared valuation for your possessions. Where possible list the year of purchase and original cost of each item and attach any invoices or records of purchase.
  6. To guard your goods against damage that could be caused by fire, explosion or leakage in the van dispose of flammables such as fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches, acids, chemistry sets, aerosol tins etc. Drain fuel from your petrol mower and other machinery and discard partly used tins of oil, paint, thinner, bleach or any other substances that might leak. Have refillable propane tanks purged and sealed.
  7. Have carpets and curtains professionally cleaned and leave them wrapped.
  8. Obtain a written appraisal for your antiques and avoid waxing or oiling wooden antiques for 2-3 weeks before moving as some products may soften the wood and make it vulnerable from imprinting from furniture pads. Three days before moving pack suitcases for the trip to your new home and put in some extra clothing for emergencies.
  9. Pack an 'OPEN FIRST' cardboard box with items you'll need immediately - toolbox, scissors, telephone, alarm clock, lightbulbs, black bin bags, plastic cups, plates and utensils, cleaning supplies, snacks, bath items and toys to amuse young children. Take this box with you in your car if you have room or make sure it's loaded last on the moving van.
  10. Pack linens, pillows, and slipcovers in bin bags. Pack toiletries and medicines in gripseal bags so if they break they won't spill everywhere.
  11. If you're putting clothes into storage replace metal hangers with plastic ones to avoid possible rust damage to your clothes.
  12. Empty your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before moving so they can dry and you avoid mildew, mould and odours.
  13. Launder all dirty clothes prior to the day you're having appliances disconnected and make sure all water is emptied from your steam iron.

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