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White Patisserie Carrier bag

Patisserie Paper Bag - White Carrier (Qty: 250)

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  • €54.50

Our range of White Patisserie Bags with Flat Handles are very popular with our customers as they offer great value for money! Ideal for those in the food industry looking for an alternative to plastic bags

These wide-bottom Patisserie Bags are perfect for patisseries, delicatessens and takeaways where you need to keep food upright in containers to prevent spillage. They have a maximum high weight load of up to 15kg and come in three sizes. Option to print your logo or design.

If you would like custom printed bags contact

White Patisserie Bags are one of the most natural looking forms of packaging and are used to package various products. Carabay Packaging Products produces paper bags in various styles and sizes. Our White Patisserie Bags give your products a more natural look and are an eco-friendly and economical choice for millions of people around the world.

If you want a distinctive organic packaging appearance for you packaging then a paper bag option is the best option for you. Paper bags are an alternative option to that of plastic bags and plastic packaging; hence you can very effectively practice environment friendliness. Paper packaging offer the exact same function as what your plastic packaging would, but paper bags are more flexible and serve your environment conscious consumers.

We utilize latest technology, high quality equipment and our dedicated team of workers to create cheap, reliable and effective paper packaging solutions for our clients. We provide custom printed paper bags order on request. For that we make use of the rotogravure technique. We can print brand logos so they are helpful for the brand awareness among so many consumers. These White Patisserie Bags are an effective option for promotional packaging and consumers will be fascinated to buy the products due to their attractive packaging designs. So retailers are able to experience an increase in sales of products packaged in Patisserie Bags.


  • Large = 317 x 218 x 245mm
  • Medium = 317 x 183 x 245mm
  • Small = 260 x 175 x 245mm
  • 250 bags per box

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