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Wrapping Paper - Coloured Kraft Paper - Gift Wrapping (400mtrs)

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Our wrapping paper is Pure Kraft paper. Pure Kraft Paper has a ribbed appearance and is manufactured from pure wood pulp, making it suitable for medium and heavy duty applications. The fact that it is made from wood pulp means that it is much stronger then the traditional cheap wrapping paper you'd find in small discount or retail stores, and therefore better value, as whatever you happen to be wrapping will be well protected!
The roll of Kraft paper is a strong, high performance wrapping paper that is a great alternative to cardboard boxes.
For items being sent via the post or courier - Kraft paper ensures your contents are secure and safe. Simply seal your parcel with packing tape, and for added protection, use our bubble wrap! Kraft paper is also incredibly useful for gift wrapping presents. The red and silver Kraft paper would make a very nice, low cost, Christmas wrapping paper if its that time of year! The other colours could be used to wrap anniversary gifts, birthday presents, etc. You can wrap the gift directly with the wrapping paper or it could be wrapped on to the outside of the box/package that it comes in. Kraft paper historically through the years has been used for a vast array of purposes. One of the most well known uses is the children's game pass the parcel where music is played and each child pass a gift that's been wrapped in wrapping paper to the person next to them and around in a circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift gets to unwrap a layer of Kraft paper, this continues until all the layers have been removed and whoever is left with the gift gets to keep it!

All rolls are 500mm in width x 400m length and 50gsm thickness.

Width: 500 mm 1 roll = ca. 10 kg 

We stock a huge collection of wrapping paper in store so if you can't find the wrapping paper you're looking for on our website. Please do contact us here.

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