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Cheap Cardboard Boxes - Single Walled Boxes - Various Sizes

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  • All Cardboard box measurements are Length x Width x Height
  • NOTE: We may fold Cardboard boxes in half in order to comply with our carriers size restrictions. This is done in order to keep shipping costs down.

All our Cheap Cardboard Boxes are Single Walled (S/W), meaning they are not as strong as our boxes listed as Double Walled (D/W), hence why these boxes are cheaper than others. But they are a cheaper, low cost solution to your packing needs, perfect for lightweight items.

Cheap Cardboard Boxes - Single Walled Boxes - Variety of Sizes as per below:

  • LW184- S/W (184 x 82 x 133mm) - Int Dim -White
  • ABS Small Outer - S/W (190 x 130 x 50mm) - Brown 
  • Tote Box ( Storage )- S/W (400 x 130 x 100mm) - Brown 
  • CG2 - S/W (315 X 210 X 140MM - Int Dim - Brown 
  • Cara 1 - S/W 460 x 165 x 80mm - Int Dim - Brown 

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