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Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes - Various Sizes

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  • All Cardboard box measurements are Length x Width x Height
All our Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes are Single Walled (S/W), but because of the unique way they seal (in a pizza box like fashion), they make sturdy boxes despite this fact, they're ideal as shipping and product display boxes.
These Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes come with a fold-able lid so they don't need to be sealed with tape. This makes them a good  money saving option if you don't need a huge box. A lot of our customers also use these to transport food products, such as those that come in jars and similar sized products. One of our customers offers a fitness monthly subscription box as can be seen here, which is of similar design to these pizza style boxes.
Our pizza style Cardboard Boxes are ideal for packing, shipping, storage and as product containers.
We stock a wide range of Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes.
Find your perfect Pizza Style Cardboard Box, packing tape, bubble wrap, storage and packing needs online.
Our Pizza Style Cardboard Box is perfect for the retailer that wants to ensure that their products are safe, secure and presentable when in transit. 

These Cardboard Boxes are proving popular with our food customers who sell worldwide and need a reliable box to package their goods.

These Cardboard Boxes are made from 100% recyclable material for an environmentally responsible moving and storage option.

Instead of giving you every option of Pizza Style Cardboard Box which we stock like other sites, we have provided you with the range of Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes which are the most popular with our in-store customers. The Pizza Style Cardboard Box also meets standard shipping requirements.
If you would like another size Cardboard Box that is not available for purchase on the site, please feel free to contact us to see if we can source the perfect product for your needs.

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*All box measurements are Length x Width x Height

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