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Large Moving House Package (4 Bed+) - Moving Boxes and Supplies

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Save time with your house move by ordering one of our expertly designed moving house packages today.

Special offer available for a limited time only!

Package Breakdown:

Free (2-5 Day) Shipping

1 x Free Gift For New Customers

1 x Free Permanent Marker

1 x Free Tape Dispenser

10 x Large, Double Walled, Moving Boxes (685 x 480 x 465mm)

15 x Medium, Double Walled, Moving Boxes (406 x 356 x 406mm)

15 x Medium, Double Walled, Moving Boxes (495 x 310 x 215mm)

25 x Small, Single Walled, Moving Boxes (460 x 310 x 210mm)

1 x Roll of Bubble Wrap (100 Meters x 500mm wide)

25 x Heavy Duty, Black Refuse Sacks (26 x 44", 200g)

470 x Sheets of Tissue Paper (400 x 600mm)

6 x Brown Packaging Tape

2 x Fragile Print, Packaging Tape

This Moving House Package Deal is Ideal for 4 Bed Houses & Larger, even people who have a lot of items to pack away find that this covers them.

  • All cardboard boxes in our Moving House Packages are delivered flat packed to your door.
  • Perfect for large home/office removals
  • Boxes to Pack all your Belongings for Ease of Transportation and Carrying
  • Double Walled for Added Strength and Increased Carrying Capacity
  • Bubble Wrap for Added Item Protection
  • Refuse Sacks to Pack Clothes/to Give Old Items to Charity/to Throw Away Rubbish.
  • Tissue Paper to Protect Dishes, Cutlery, and Other Fragile Items.
  • Tape to Secure and Seal all Boxes
  • Permanent Marker to Label Boxes & Make Unpacking Easier
  • Tape Dispenser to Make Sealing Boxes Easier

Once you have received your Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies or your Moving House Package the real hard work begins!

    • De- Clutter: Begin by taking out your trash and tidying your house, anything you see that you don’t want to keep – add it to the trash! No sentimentality! You want your new house to look as good as the day you first went to see it, the day you decided I’m going to make this house my home. Think of those open space and beautiful window view, you don’t want to spoil that by moving into a replica of your old cluttered house. Think like a minimalist. If something doesn’t add value to your life throw it in the trash!
    • Categorize: Once you’ve tidied and de-cluttered now it’s time to start packing. Organise your items by room by writing the name of each room on the side of the box to make unpacking easier. I know what you’re thinking: “This is enough work in itself I don’t want to think about unpacking already!” Don’t worry when you’ve finished you’ll have a wonderful sense of renewal and fulfilment and a brand new lovely house!
    • Packing and Shipping Service: Decide at this stage if you want any especially valuable or large items which you can’t fit in your boxes, packed in-store by our parcel packing team or shipped by our first class shipping service. Perhaps you want to ship all your goods with us! That can be arranged!
    • Relax: Annnnnd… you’re done! That wasn’t so hard was it? Take a well-earned break before you unpack, you deserve it.
    • Unpack: Its ok… this is the last step if you’ve followed the instructions above you know what to do. Once you’ve unpacked Recycle!

    Read the rest of our Moving House Guide Here.

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