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Moving House? - Here's the Ultimate Moving House Guide

Posted by Ronan Carr on

Moving house is probably one of the highest stress inducing tasks you could ever undertake. You might think “Nah it’s just packing things into boxes and getting on with it.” Well think again there’s much more layers to it than first appearances may convey! Not only is saying goodbye to the place you called home an emotional workload but there’s a huge physical workload to undertake. Especially if it’s your first time moving house, you are not prepared! But congratulations all the same, I’m sure you're excited by the prospect of moving house. I know I would be! Change is good! The first step is to decide what you’re taking with you…wait! No it isn’t! The first step is to get some Moving Boxes and moving supplies so you have somewhere to pack away those things your taking with you! Otherwise you’re just doubling the work load of moving house!

I’ll tell ya what... I’ll do you a favour and organise this into bullet points so you can print it out and check off what you’ve done! I’ve moved house almost 7 times already and I’m only 25, after that many house moves, you begin to turn the act into an art form!

Moving House: Pack and Declutter

Okay, so you’ve bought your boxes and moving supplies now it’s time to get down to the hard work!

  • De- Clutter: Begin by taking out your trash and tidying your house, anything you see that you don’t want to keep – add it to the trash! No sentimentality! You want your new house to look as good as the day you first went to see it, the day you decided I’m going to make this house my home. Think of those open space and beautiful window view, you don’t want to spoil that by moving into a replica of your old cluttered house. Think like a minimalist. If something doesn’t add value to your life throw it in the trash!
  • Categorize: Once you’ve tidied and de-cluttered now it’s time to start packing. Organise your items by room by writing the name of each room on the side of the box to make unpacking easier. I know what you’re thinking: “This is enough work in itself I don’t want to think about unpacking already!” Don’t worry when you’ve finished you’ll have a wonderful sense of renewal and fulfilment and a brand new lovely house!
  • Packing and Shipping Service: Decide at this stage if you want any especially valuable or large items which you can’t fit in your boxes, packed in-store by our parcel packing team or shipped by our first class shipping service. Perhaps you want to ship all your goods with us! That can be arranged!
  • Or if you're moving in Dublin try contacting Man with a Van at they offer an excellent house moving service!
  • Relax: Annnnnd… you’re done! That wasn’t so hard was it? Take a well-earned break before you unpack, you deserve it.
  • Unpack: Its ok… this is the last step if you’ve followed the instructions above you know what to do. Once you’ve unpacked Recycle!

There’s also other things involved with moving house that you may not have considered!

  • Get your Post Re-directed: Its relatively easy just contact An Post and let them know!
  • Give your Landlord notice: Its customary to inform your landlord in plenty of time before you move house
  • Change Bills: Perhaps you need to cancel bills in your old house or inform companies such as ESB of your new address? Don’t leave any bills unpaid!
  • TV Licence: I know no one likes paying it. But it’s essential, you don’t want to be caught without and face a court appearance and a fine! If you already have a TV licence you’ll need to inform them of your new address!
  • Voting: If you’re registered to vote you’re registered to vote in one particular area! If you’re completely changing voting area you’ll need to inform the relevant authorities of your new address and in Ireland you have until 25 November of each year to have your name included. If you miss this deadline, you can apply to have your name included in the Supplement to the Electoral Register.
  • Insurance: You will need to contact any insurance company’s you may have a plan with and inform them of your change of address, this includes car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc.
  • Transferring records: Such as Medical records if you’re changing GP, Education records if you’re changing schools or colleges, vehicle registration companies will be needing your new address, financial institutions such as your local bank might also want to know your new address. Revenue will also need to know your change of address for taxation purposes, or if you receive social welfare payments you’ll also need to let your local social welfare office know. Employers are especially important as they will also need your new address if you will still be working for them


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