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The Packaging Company That Keeps Galway Ticking

Posted by Ronan Carr on

Carabay Packaging Products is a family run business started in 1954. Originally they began by selling seaweed, carrageen to be exact and other seaweed products.

The success of that business which still continues today, allowed them to branch out to more areas. They now supply packaging products to virtually every business in Galway. Ranging from medical device companies to your local takeaway, and many other businesses throughout the country and abroad. You may not have heard of them till now but you have definitely used their products. They supply everything from Bubble Wrap to Catering Disposables, so for example, that container that your Friday night takeaway came in was probably supplied by Carabay Packaging!  

You may have noticed the Giant Cardboard Castle in Eyre Square recently, it was erected by the Galway Arts Festival and its volunteers. But did you know it was a Galway company that supplied all those cardboard boxes? That’s right, Carabay Packaging’s Products have probably been a huge part of your life without you even realising it.

They recently opened up a product showroom to the public and are no longer selling solely wholesale. So next time you're moving house, looking for a box to ship a care package to your children abroad, or even if you’re a new start-up with the latest tastiest treat head out to Carabay Packaging in the Liosban Industrial Estate for all your packaging needs! In particular, their moving house packages are proving a huge success with the public, providing people with cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, Packing Tape, Tape Dispensers and more all at a discounted price.

It’s abundantly clear Carabay has a bright future ahead of it and based on their booming business it’s apparent that Galway does too.

Written By Ronan Carr first appeared on The Galway Advertiser, Tue, Aug 15, 2017

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