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Packing and Shipping with Carabay

Posted by Ronan Carr on

Here at Carabay we offer a unique professional packing and shipping service. We can ship your package to almost anywhere in the world at the best rates available. Bringing your item to our depot takes the hassle out of packing and shipping. Just leave it with us and we’ll look after it from there! All packages can be tracked, traced and insured. You’ll only be charged for the materials we use and the time put into packing the goods.

One of our regular customers of this service is Allan Cavanagh, a Caricature Artist and owner of he has us pack and ship his artwork (Available here if you’re interested) to his customers nationwide.

As can be seen in the picture below, our packing service is second to none and not a single item has been damaged while being shipped since we started offering this service. We offer the best prices anywhere, nationwide and internationally, for our packing and shipping services. So don’t hesitate, call in store to us today!

Packing and shipping with carabay

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