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A Health & Fitness Box Unlike Any Other – New3fit’s Performance Nutrition!

Posted by Ronan Carr on

One of our customers which we’re so proud to supply custom printed packaging to is New3Fit. New3fit are an Irish company which specialise in advanced sports performance nutrition. They offer individualised athlete specific nutrition plans from elite level competitors to beginner exercisers just starting their fitness journey. All their advice and programming comes from highly-qualified advance sports nutritional experts with backgrounds in elite level sports. One of their newest offerings is the New3Fit Box™ which you may have seen featured on some of the biggest Irish media outlets such as and!

New3Fit Box

New3fit’s goal since launching the New3Fit Box™ is to give people the opportunity to experience a variety of Health & Fitness goodies in one really cool box every month! It allows you to trial a range of performance nutritional goods to see which products work best for you.

Nowadays, everyone from your girlfriend’s brother to your next door neighbor is a fitness instructor, so what, you may be asking, distinguishes New3fit from all the rest? Unlike other Fitness Company’s New3fit looks for only the best quality products and are not looking to make a quick buck on their own branded discount code which virtually anyone can get with a quick call. Each month brings a whole new exciting experience - from gym gear to fitness clothing, healthy snacks, supplements & even the opportunity to try products first before they launch anywhere else. That’s what makes New3fit stand out from the crowd. The premium access you can’t get anywhere else!

What's more, they want you to receive the best value for money (because let's face it, you deserve it). That's why each month their box content is always valued at a much higher RRP than the total box price, so you always benefit.

Your box arrives on the 1st week of every month so what are you waiting for? Buy yours here now!

If you have a unique product which you plan to bring to market soon - Contact us and we’ll help you out! Whether you want high quality custom printed packaging, or a low cost packaging solution, get in touch with us here today!

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