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Biodegradable Cups | Compostable and Recyclable Coffee Cups

Posted by Ronan Carr on

We're Irelands largest packaging company and are now supplying 100% recyclable and compostable coffee cups to do our part in helping the environment! There are two main types of environmentally friendly paper cups:

reCup - 100% Recyclable Coffee Cups

The reCup brand coffee cups are our new 100% recyclable coffee cups. They can be bespoke printed with your brand or logo. The reCup is a new technology printed by an Irish cup manufacturing partner of ours. These work the same, look the same, and are manufactured in the same way as standard polyethylene-coated paper cups. Except the coating is specially engineered to disintegrate in the recycling process. This revolutionary technology makes the cup 100% recyclable and compatible with the recycling process.

recyclable paper cup

VegWare - Compostable Coffee Cups

The Vegware biodegradable paper cup is manufactured slightly differently. It has a compostable/biodegradable coating instead of a polyethylene coating. This ensures that the paper cup is 100% compostable in industrial composters and can be gathered with food waster in most collection schemes. Biodegradable Cups help protect the environment by stopping your businesses cups from going to a landfill.

biodegradable cup

Why should you switch to these new cups?

Landfills - Where a lot of polyethylene coated coffee cups end up, have been proven to be detrimental to the environment. The precipitation that falls into a landfill, coupled with any disposed liquid waste, results in the extraction of the water-soluble compounds and particulate matter of the waste, and the subsequent formation of leachate. The creation of leachate, presents a major threat to the current and future quality of groundwater. Our waste also has the power to disrupt animal reproduction and create population booms. It can remake ecosystems and upend social structures. For example one population of white storks in Portugal is deciding to stay behind, seemingly canceling its migratory flight south in favor of gorging on rotting food found in Portuguese landfills and its creating a population boom. Only time will tell if the garbage is actually “good” for the birds, as dump-diving could lead the animals to accidentally ingest all sorts of plastic, toxins, and other hazardous material- and what is consumed in nature, eventually makes its way up the food chain and into our own systems, some food for thought!


Do your part to protect the environment and call today for a wholesale quote!

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