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Silica Gel/Desiccant Bag Life Hacks – Top 4 Uses of Silica Gel

Posted by Ronan Carr on

Silica Gel - Desiccant Bags (Qty 150, 400 & 1000)

You know those weird little packets you get with new shoes, clothes, TV’s, basically anything that comes in a box! Well they actually serve a purpose, and it’s not salting your chips! Silica Gel also known as Desiccant Bags are used to adsorb excess moisture. They’re actually one of the best readily available materials for doing so. They have a vast array of uses so next time don’t throw them away! Have a look at the list of Silica Gel Household Hacks below and you’ll never waste such a valuable product again!


Fixing a water damaged Phone/Electronic Device with Silica Gel

Yes we all know the old bowl of rice trick leaving your wet phone in a bowl of rice to dry it out after you’ve dropped it down the toilet (my second new phone this year). But these little Silica Gel Packets are actually far better at adsorbing water than rice, they were designed to do so! Leave your phone in a zip lock bag filled with silica gel overnight, or if your phone got really wet 2 – 3 days. Make sure not to turn your phone/electrical device on until you’re sure it’s completely dry as water inside it may cause an electrical short that will make it unusable (I learned this the hard way).

Preventing Black Mold with Silica Gel

Live in a musty old apartment with poor ventilation and tired of complaining to your landlord only to be told to “You need to be keeping the windows open”. How they believe this is possible in Ireland in the middle of winter is beyond me. But anyways, preventing black mold! Noticed that your walls have a black grease like substance on them? It’s even on your clothes and bed sheets! This is known as black mold and it can be quite harmful to your lungs, especially if you’re already asthmatic. First you need to buy a specific type of bleach spray for black mold, and clean it off. Make sure to wear rubber gloves as bleach can be harsh on your skin. Wash clothes, duvets and sheets in your washing machine.

The next step is preventing it from returning, put a few silica gel packets inside your duvet and pillow covers and leave some in your wardrobes and drawers to keep clothes and sheets fresh. You could also leave them around the house in places more prone to moisture. But be sure to keep out of reach of children! These are not safe to eat! Many shops will sell cheap dehumidifiers but these only last a week or two in houses that have particularly poor ventilation. Silica Gel Packets/Desiccant Bags are reusable again and again. If they’ve absorbed a lot of moisture simply reheat them in an oven and store them in zip lock bags for later use.

Removing Odours with Silica Gel

Silica Gel Packets also work wonders on odours! Have a stinky old pair of workout runners? Leave them in a zip lock bag with a bunch of silica gel packets. In a day or two they’ll smell good as new! Leave them in your bathroom as a way of preventing bad smells. Although in an area like a bathroom where steam rises from showers and baths, they’ll quickly absorb moisture and need to be regenerated in an oven quite often.

Preserving Collectables & Valuables with Silica Gel

Have an old Pokémon card collection you suspect will be worth a fortune in a few years. Store your collectables and valuables with a few silica gel packets. Prevent water damage from building up over the course of years.

Have any more Silica Gel/Desiccant Bag Household Hacks? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!

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